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Welcome to
Pulse Podcasts

We are a podcast creation service that helps businesses turn their written content, like blog posts and news articles, into beautiful podcasts. Our platform writes the script, records the voices, and mixes the audio to create engaging content for your audience. It's affordable and has super fast turnaround!


Why let us make your podcast?

Podcast Creation Made Easy

Extend your existing content

We take your existing blog posts and news articles and turn them into high-quality podcasts that showcase your expertise and engage your audience and inform your community.

Flexible and Fast

We can do this completely bespoke or completely automatically, with excellent results using world class technology.

Our automated systems can create your podcast while you sleep! Fast, efficient and sounds amazing, you'll be surprised how good it sounds.

Accessible to All

Not only are podcasts great for people to listen to on the go, but they also help you reach those that are visually impaired get the same great content you're already making!

New ways to monetize your content

If you're already making great content, why not let us create a new revenue stream for you? Advertisers love podcasts because you know your audience better than anyone and they trust your recommendations.

Why Choose Pulse Podcasts to make your podcast?



Podcasts Created

Years of Experience



How we increase your reach

Introduce a new way for your audience to hear your voice!

Our secret sauce is technology that transforms the content you are already producing into an engaging podcast. It produces amazing results while saving time, and ultimately, reducing the cost for you. That's how we can produce thousands of podcasts every day that engage and inspires audiences worldwide.

Sounds amazing right!? Have a listen to our Sample Podcasts and you'll be amazed at the quality.


Pop us a note and we'll make you a free podcast to see how good it can be with your own content.



Get in Touch

Ready to take your business to the next level with podcasting? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed.

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